Party in Jurassic Park

Life finds a way!

I'm back again, this time with a bit of ridiculous. In the form of a dinosaur skirt. When I saw this fabric my first thought was ‘Jurassic Park’. Which in turn made me think of Alan Partridge… Anyway…

 I was gifted some 'Dino Party' fabric from Minerva in exchange for a post - which you can read here - and thought a dino safari outfit was in order. 

Wow, my garden got wild over winter.

(I realize this is yet another Minerva make, please excuse this - normal content coming soon! I've lost a bit of sew-jo, been ill and also been making a coat so not my to report on as yet).  

This project was a great bit of fun to lift the spirits!

Once again, I’d also seen a Saint & Sofia skirt which looked nice and wanted to recreate that look. I picked out the Nina Lee Kew Skirt pattern (also again!)

The skirt also has front dart which seem to be flattering over a belly and very comfortable to wear. I liked the flat front feature, but wanted a bit more give for weigh fluctuations and so opted to put in an elasticated back to this. This is the same pattern hack I did for my summer frogs version here.

The button placket is not real. I simply cut the front skirt in 2 pieces on the centre front line and stitched it back up to get the opening at the button. As the skirt is elasticated there was no need for real button function.

Talking of buttons – how amazing are these dino buttons I found on Etsy that match the theme!


For that added safari look – and to allow a belt to hide some of the bulk of the gathering, I also popped on some belt loops before attaching the waistband down.  

The waistband was made as one long strip of fabric and sewn together to form a circle. I stitched one edge onto the skirt, then folded and tucked the hem under on the inside to leave casing. With regards to the elastic this was stitched down at the side seam point, stretched through the back channel, and stitched down again at the opposite side seam placement.

The Dino Party fabric is fun, if a little dark and sinister in illustration! Here I was minding my own business taking pictures of my new makes, when my skirt brought all the dinos to the yard. 

 Great fabric, great skirt - just be careful where you wear it. 

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  1. Linda (ACraftyScrivener)7 February 2023 at 01:51

    Hilarious! Be careful out there, lol!