Atelier Jupe - Alex Coat Duo

Good morning good morning, 

I'm happy to bring you something different today - a coat! Well actually, two coats!

No these were not whipped up in a week I can assure you of that. They have been in the 'slow sew' department of the sewing pile, picked up as and when I had the time, and concentration to do them properly. And what a wonderful learning curve...

Firstly the pattern. This is the wonderful Alex Coat by Atelier Jupe. 

I spent much of last year searching for the coat pattern of dreams - I did by 'The Coat' from Avid Seamstress but it wasn't calling to me. The Alex Coat however, I completely leapt on that when it was released. It just looked like a classically beautiful, timeless coat. Princess seams, no welt pockets, good collar shape. 


My first version of this coat was for my sister's Christmas present to I started it mid-November. We're similar size so a quick toile was done and then I fit it to myself as I went along.

Size was a 46/48 with a few changes along the way. I took the princess seam in a small amount and also took about an inch off the shoulder length.

The instruction booklet for this coat is very good. Picture diagrams, detailed steps and also a video tutorial for the vent at the back which I found a little complicated. It could do with a sew-along or video step for the finishing of the vent and hems too though as I got a bit lost there and couldn't see what the illustrated picture was doing. I've ended up with a weird step at the front but it does not concern me much. Nonetheless, a coat was produced at the end. Note to self if ever there's a third version.

I learnt so much doing these it was great. The collar attachment is a bit peculiar on this pattern so I used a Youtube video for another method which just snipped into the corners and was far easier to handle. 

Tailored shoulder pads were also a saving grace (as recommended by The Fabric Wrangler) and were absolutely worth hand stitching in for a nice lift and shape. Woven interfacing on all pieces was also fantastic (despite costing more than the coat fabric itself) and worth the investment.

Both coat fabrics were from Rainbow Fabrics and an absolute bargain for the quality. I also picked up a fuschia pink one (more on that soon!). 

Following my personal mantra of 'linings must always be jazzy' I also used some Rainbow Fabrics deadstock satin for the lining of my sister's coat! How fun is that pop of colour!

I then found the ultimate button destiny in my stash with these incredible pink glitter buttons from The Magpie's Eye on Etsy  The pattern calls for one button but I found three looked a bit nicer.

And of course it wouldn't be complete without a label for the inside and this one from Sew Anonymous felt appropriate. ('Rustic' hand stitching!)

I am please to report she loved her coat and it fit - yay!

For my own version I opted for this lovely blue boiled wool which has flecks of colour in it. I came across an Etsy shop called Bitsandbagsco and discovered some amazing resin buttons! There was also an option to customize and so I requested 'blue and gold swirly - like dark starry night' and these absolute beauties came!! Absolutely nailed the brief.

I also raided my stash for some lining and came up with this wonderful ship satin, which I think is ex-Ted Baker from FabWorks. If you also like a jazzy lining do check them out. 

Annnnd of course the obligatory label. Can you tell I was on a high at finishing these?

Very pleased at having tackled a more challenging project as it did feel very satisfying. It's still cold at the moment so it has some wear to go yet!

I would absolutely recommend this pattern. The measurements were true to size, customer support was amazing (I emailed about some instructions I couldn't find), and it is very 'step by step' making it manageable over time. 

Let me know if you have tried this or have a favourite outerwear pattern that's a good 'un!

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  1. I have just made this coat and also have the weird steps that you comment on and I think the lining is too long. It is only 1.5cm shorter than the coat so with a 4.5 cm hem on the coat the maths doesn’t work. I have emailed Atelier Jupe to see what they say but it is interesting you have had the same problem.

    1. Hi Penny - well interesting it's not just me - I also looked at some other people's pictures and they have the step too! I would be interested in hearing how this is supposed to be :)