Shoulders and Saguaros

 Hello there and welcome back to the blog. 

I'm coming in with an entirely new (to me) set of patterns that I just had to try out this year. Mostly out of a pre-holiday panic regarding having 'nothing to wear'. (::eye roll::)

I'll start off with my slightly controversial view on the Saguaro Set by the Friday Pattern Company. 

It would seem like every sewist in the world has tried the Saguaro Set - and everyone is raving about how wonderful it is. I'm not sure I understand why. 

Credit where it's due - Friday Pattern Company have beautifully constructed patterns, great instructions, video tutorials and the pattern pieces go together where they should. And I like the trousers.

For reference I made the XXL. I did have to make some adjustments to these. I found the legs to be a little short so I added an inch to the length. I also found the front rise to be too long and was giving a baggy crotch effect - so I shortened the front rise by an inch aswell by taking out a wedge.

But the top - it's really not for me. 

Be kind, I don't like my middle but the pics show how the pattern sits.


I knew that a 'cropped' midriff showing top was never really going to work but I had leftover fabric from the trousers (the part of the set I actually wanted) and gave it a go. Even lengthening a bit I just can't love it. It's very tight at the elastic and there's absolutely no way this could be worn without anything under it.The top says it can be worn backwards which I thought may be nice, but again, no. It's too high around the neck and looks like I got dressed incorrectly.

Hey-ho it works for other people just not for me.

Now to flip the script on the Saguaro Set entirely by seeing what a bit of styling can do!

So much more chic! 

The top here is the Pattern Emporium - One Shoulder Tank in some very soft bamboo jersey. Yet again Pattern Emporium pull it out of the bag with this excellent basic. It's a drapey tank with a lot of different options including ruffles, waistbands and also a built in bra!

I made a 16 however I did have to nip it in a lot under the arms to make sure it wasn't sliding down. I think this was due to my fabric choice. 

I tried the bra and cup version and it's really comfortable. Here is the insides:

I do like how this looks with the Saguaro trousers and it would definitely be comfortable on a hot day. 

The top was actually a wearable toile for a dress idea I had for an event a few months ago.

You may have seen on Instagram that I had a disaster with some lavender sequin fabric monstrosity. If not I basically looked like Little Bo-Peep on crack. 

This is it's last minute replacement.  

Using the One Shoulder Tank pattern I just extended it down to a slight A-line shape. This was in a thicker glitter jersey from the stash. 

Easy to make and even better, easy to wear!

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  1. The one-shoulder top really suits you, and goes well with the trousers. I believe that we shouldn’t be afraid to say if something doesn’t work for us. I suspect that sometimes people go along with the hype. But we are all different and, just as with ready-made clothing, what suits one person won’t necessarily suit another. Well done for coming up with a style of top that complements the trousers and works for you.

  2. Thank you that's very kind. Yes there's definitely a sewing 'bandwagon' which is easy to be swept up with however I think honesty in all cases in the best policy! :)