Striding out with Greenstyle

 Coming in with a little activewear today!

This gym set came about from a little piece of amazing swim fabric from Hey Sew Sister made from ECONYL - a type of recycled nylon made from old fishing nets and waste. (It is still in stock at the time of writing alongside some other prints.)

This recycled factor, and the beautiful wildflower print, drew me in so I bought 1m. And the 1m really went far!

I've increased some training recently and found myself running our of gym kit - what better excuse to make a summery little set.

I'll start with the tops. Which by the way, I do wear a shirt over the top I'm not brave enough yet to just go crop top alone. Pics just to show what it looks like.

This strappy little beauty is the Dani Strappy Sports Bra by Made for Mermaids - how amazing is the back!!The pattern is fantastic, coming with small bust, full bust and regular bust options all pre-printed. The sizing is in colours and I went for 'Orange'. I made this toile in black to check the fit and it was very comfortable, however a little test drive at the gym determined it was not particularly supportive so I sized down for the floral version above. Now it is a bit too tight however on looking at the pics I think this is because I misplaced the cross-straps and they should be lower. 

I snipped off the straight top bar and it really loosened up. As it happens the slightly too tight version is quite good for supportive purposes!

Despite what it looks like, this is a really simple sew. Made for Mermaids also have a full video tutorial to guide you through the process which was extremely useful. I would rate it as 'fiddly' rather than difficult. Clipping all the binding and straps is a bit of an art form but once down it's all stitched down with Maraflex and a straight stitch!

I had bit of fabric left so I also managed to squeeze a more simple top out of the remnants. This is the Lulu Sports Bra and Crop Top - Made for Mermaids

 I like the neckline shape very much and it's a comfortable wear. Both tops have removable cup and lining options but I didn't bother and they are fully lined with sturdy performance lycra.

Now for these epic leggings. These are the Stride Tights by Greenstyle Patterns and they are performing some miracle right here.

Real talk - I have a belly, like many people, that hangs and is annoying but these leggings suck everything in like spanks! I believe this is due to the 'Ultra High Waist' option which should just be called 'Bee Gee Waist' they are that high. It was refreshing not to spend most of class pulling my leggings back up.

Sizing I was between an H-I and should have graded - however I was too busy chatting whilst doing that I made a straight H. Which turned out to be the right decision as they fit really well. 

(As it turns out I made the Tempo Tights some time ago and they were too loose as H-I graded. My brain must have stored that subconsciously!)

The pattern has an optional side pocket and the contrast band curves around the body to the back giving a great shape. There is also a motion gusset included which is easy to install.

 With regard to fabric for the main black pieces - I used 'Perform Muscular Compression Stretch' from Funkifabrics. I find this is one of the best for comfort, compression, and opaque qualities!! It has a little sheen to it. Another good option is the 'Olympus' base which they now do in plains as well as printed.

Construction is very straight forward and whizzed up on the overlocker. There is a piece of clear elastic inserted into the top seam of the waist for extra hold.

I will definitely make these again as I enjoyed wearing them and it's a fab way of using up the little lycra scraps in the side panel! (And wow do I have some scraps...)

A recommended set all round - if you're thinking of making activewear just go for it!

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