Lovely Logan the Style Arc Shacket

Two weeks in a row what's happening!

This week is all about the 'shacket' - the shirt/jacket - and yes I'm aware I'm about a year too late to this particular party. 

Shackets (not sure I like this word) were absolutely everywhere at one point and I had purchased the Style Arc Logan pattern to join in with that fun. But like most great ideas it languished unmade for some reason. 

Yet another pattern to file under 'why didn't I make this sooner' category because it's fantastic!

Style Arc describes the Logan as an 'oversized shirt style jacket' - which I suppose it is depending on your fabric choice. I'd say mine was more 'heavy shirt' than jacket. 

The size chart would put me in a 16 however I read multiple reviews about this being VERY over-sized so opted for a more familiar 14 instead. This was plenty. Room to manoevre without being utterly swamped. My sweet spot for a casual garment.  

You'll have to forgive the crumpled state in the pictures however it's a testament to the fact I have been wearing it and it was rather 'lived in' by the time I took the photo. I'd say that was a good sign. 

The design features two big breast pockets, a rounded yoke at the back (which I actually had to put a centre seam in due to fabric allowance) and hidden side seam pockets too!

 Since making it I've found this shirt to be so practical. Whack it on in milder weather or when I've pottering between indoors and outdoors without needing a 'big coat' on. The length covers comfy leggings (yes I am still wearing those) and the pockets are super deep for chucking in tickets, car keys and whatever else when you have your hands full whilst doing said pottering. 

Plans for this shacket had been some 'Essex Speckle Yarn Dyed Robert Kaufman' cotton/linen mix however it was very narrow and I couldn't fit the sleeves on. Delving back into the stash depths I picked out what I thought was the same fabric in black - but by happy coincidence it was a brushed cotton and even better for this project! (Fabric intended for my husband - sorry love!).

This is also a Robert Kaufman - 'Black Speckled Shetland Flannel'. I have no idea where I originally bought it however that is the name if you wish to find any. As you can see close up it has colourful little flecks.

There was an attempt at matching speckles with buttons so I popped on some blue glittery ones. The whole shirt is top stitched but difficult to see on the black flannel. A contrast colour may be good if you want to make it stand out a little.

 My next sewing projects have been bags, intended as gifts, so I will have to wait to share those!

Until the next time, wishing you all well.

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  1. I love it. It suits you, it’s practical, and I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear out of it. Good to see that you’re feeling well enough to sew - and post.
    Best wishes, Ann in south Wales

    1. Thanks Ann thats very kind of you! x It has definitely been on repeat so far :)