Rio & Loren

 Hello all! If anyone is still out there....I appreciate it's been a long while again. 

I have managed a little bit of sewing the last few weeks and couldn't resist in sharing this wonderful jacket. Mainly because of the fabric. 

The interwebs went crazy for this fabric called Paradise Jacquard - which I SWEAR was called 'Rio Paradise' when I bought it but I can't find that description anywhere. 

The fabric is a beautiful woven jacquard from Sister Mintaka made from recycled yarns!

What better than fabric with birds, tropical trees, mountains, the moon, the sun and the stars.

Obviously resistance was futile and I bought 2.5m of this wonder fabric. Every time I look at it there's something new in the scene.  

As the fabric is the star of the show it needed a simple pattern pairing. Enter a previously made Style Arc jacket in the form of 'Loren'. The Loren Jacket is a wonderfully simple blazer that would be a great starter project if you were looking for a spring jacket.    

There is an option for side seam or patch pockets but I did neither, not wanting to break up the print. 

This is a size 16 from the chart, no alterations made to the pattern. 

The fabric is also reversible and so the unlined look is perfect! In order for have those 'pretty guts' I bound the raw edges in cotton bias. 

 No your eyes are not deceiving you - this is not Richard O'Brien in a jazzy jacket it's just me, follicly challenged right now.

It's such a fun and uplifting make this one - not exactly a basic staple of the wardrobe but certainly a museum piece to enjoy. 

My head has also had a little decoration with Henna - shout out to Nadia Sondh who created this incredible Henna Crown for me before a chemo session. 

Of course the jacket needed a little finishing touch - voila, love labels from Sewanonymous. ❤️

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a few more makes!

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  1. Wow! That is an excellent fabric, and you've chosen a great pattern to show it off. Your print placement is perfect and I love the contrasting binding

  2. Always lovely to see what you’re up to! You don’t need to have a whole make to share…we would pop in if you just wanted to comment about the glue on a pattern envelope. The henna design is fabulous! The jacket is certainly a museum piece…stunning, and you’ve excelled at pattern placement. I struggle there but that’s ok. As a human being I know I am still under construction….wishing you well as always. Chris in Florida

  3. You look fabulous! perfect use of a stunning fabric.

  4. You look fantastic, you really do! A beautiful crown and a jacket fit for a princess….and boots of gold too, wow! Love everything about your post, you’re truly amazing x

  5. Wow! The jacket is a work of art. Your crown is stunning. And your positive attitude is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talent! Take care xo. Victoria

  6. That jacket is very special - a work of art. And you look great. It’s good to see you staying so positive and creative. Best wishes, Ann in south Wales

  7. Linda (ACraftyScrivener)1 April 2024 at 14:33

    OMG, that fabric is fabulous and you totally did it justice. Love the henna crown

  8. You look STRONG. The jacket is a true piece of art-it’s absolutely stunning. I don't think I’ve ever commented though I’ve been following awhile. I was so glad to see a post that I had to give a shout out-love everything about this post :) hope you’re handling treatments okay. I’ll be sending good thoughts and positive energy your way!