Dinosaur decorations - Scrap Challenge?

Ok so this is not technically a sewing project - but it is crafty so I'm going to broaden the horizons of this blog and add a few generally craft bits here and there. There's been a lack of post as my sewing machine is currently hidden under tons of clutter to be 'sorted out' at some point.

I just thought I would share the art of decoupage or 'decopatch' as the branded products call it. This is basically just gluing...but MAN is it therapeutic. I'm not joking give it a go - its like meditation.

There are tons of decopatch animals and models in our local Jarrolds store in Norwich but you can get them online here and of course on ebay and from other craft retailers.

Essentially you get a paper mache model, a load of different coloured and printed tissue papers and some PVA glue and go for it. Any fool could do this. According to uber-crafty people on pinterest you can even use the technique on furniture and various household objects to jazz them up a bit.

Just tear off scraps of paper (actually you can use scrap fabric for this as well, it does work and gives a different texture) - glue the model, put on the paper, then slap glue all over the paper and the model again so when it dries, the glue dries all clear and shiny.

I chose this rather fetching brontosaurus as I had some weird notion of having as a bit of a centre piece type living room house decoration...and I don't do normal. It is massive - its shown here on my kitchen floor! I would like to tell you that the wine comes with the kit but I'd be lying - but it should. In fact was it the decopatch that was relaxing or the effects of the vino? I chose a green leaf print paper, but ripped up the leaves just made it look like scales which was good.

Here he is! You can't really see in the pic but underneath his belly is light green and scaled 'reptile' print paper.

Have a Google and see what other folks have made - the possibility is endless. Here is one my sis made aswell:

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  1. I'm moving house soon ... I need a new centrepiece too ... *rushes off to find decopatch on eBay*

  2. Love your projects! I made a coaster at a workshop whilst at the NEC in Birmingham sewing and crafts show in March. Yes, very therapeutic. Mandy x