Slippery Bird...

I was rather blinded by the sale price and bird print of this fabric and bought 2 meters of it... Birds good, £2.99 per metre good. (Bought from Minerva Crafts) Then I started trying to create a dress and realised why it was probably on sale. I like the result but it was a bitch to cut and sew.

Due to the crazy slippery nature of this fabric I just needed a super simple pattern to cut and minimal seams to sew! This is basically just a large pillowcase with a head hole! Think giant oversized t-shirt shape held in with a belt. 2 pieces sewn together with the overlocker at the sides and shoulders. I overlocker all the raw edges then just straight stitched all the hems. Whack on a belt and ta-dah! Dress.

Oh yeah, this was also mega see-through so I had to put a little black slip on underneath - very handy garment!

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  1. For such a simple dress, it is very pretty, especially the way you styled it!


    1. Thank you! Bit chilly to wear it right now though :-)

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