Sutton Blouse - mini disaster

Time to share the one that didn't work!

I have seen this pattern all over the web and really liked the simple style as it is something I would probably wear over leggings. The Sutton Blouse is the product of True Bias who now has a few patterns of her own and they are fab.

There is a brilliant sew along which gives clear and concise instructions for every step of this garment. Yet I still managed to bodge it up.

First mistake was that I picked some not so floaty crepe fabric from the stash - I was in a rush to try out the pattern and thought it would do - turns out its way too thick and doesn't hang all that well. I HAD tried to get drapey crepe fabric on the Internet (lack of fabric shop near the new pad) however could find nothing at all remotely interesting that wasn't plain. So I ended up wasting money on fabric I have no idea what to do with :-( The second mistake was picking stretch lace for the yoke - because that's the only kind I had. Fool I am.

The pattern itself though is wonderful and actually very enjoyable to make. There were some new techniques here including using bias binding to finish the neckline and french seams for every join. It's a very neatly finished and professional garment (if you do it right of course - ahem.) The bias neckline I would definitely try again at some point as it looked very neat indeed.

I lengthened the pattern about 4 inches so I could wear it more as a long tunic over leggings, gotta have some coverage folks.

If I made it again - which actually I would like to - I would make the neckline a little lower though, maybe an inch or 2 as I felt a bit covered up. HOWEVER this could be the fact that half way through sewing I put a massive hole in the lace at the back and had to shave off about 2 inches from the back yoke to correct the mistake. So I may have lost some dimensions along the way.

It also turns out I'm quite bad at pleats aswell. Sigh. Although again pure laziness and rushing stopped me from getting the iron out and pressing the back pleat in properly - lesson learnt :-(

I wore it for dinner and that's probably about as much wear as it is going to get - not because of the pattern in any way, that is brilliant, but due to my shoddy skills and thick fabric! Please also excuse the lack of general ironing pre-photo!

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