Purple Prada Procrastination Dress - was it a win?

This dress was a loooooonnnngggg time in the making! Talk about procrastination - I started it last August. And as per usual it did not turn out as per the original plan!

I found some beautiful Prada fabric from Minerva Crafts - its a lovely drapey crepe fabric that is 'self-lined' i.e. its got satin on the back of it. Its a great weight fabric and such high quality I would recommend this no end.

Back in August I started this project with such enthusiasm - I used my self-drafted shirt dress pattern and wanted to make use of the silky backed fabric by using as a feature. The centre plackets were turned outwards to contrast with the matte crepe side and sewn straight up for a chic and slick look. An invisible zip was inserted in the side seam again for a flawless finish. And that's about where the 'high-end'ness of this dress ended....and typical bodge-it-up me started again.

I have absolutely no idea why but the hem went seriously awry...It was so uneven that I had to start trimming and trimming around to get it vaguely the same length all the way round - it started out as knee length!! I had also made bias strips from the satin side with the intention of making a lovely collar and contrast bound armhole...

Then work stopped. For months. I think I just had no idea how to finish the hem, or daren't try. So there it sat until a couple of weeks ago when I just wanted to get rid of it.

Spurred on by having hemmed the circle skirt I figured I would just get on and do it, it wasn't so scary hemming a curved line after all, particularly with the slight stretch of this fabric.

I then added the bias binding to the neck and armholes - then promptly had to cut the armhole ones off again - sigh - they made the dress way too tight. In order to just have done with the matter then got serged and hemmed normally  no fancy trim!

So this was the end result after all this time! In the end it was quite comfortable and not too bad - weirdly enough I used the black version of the same fabric to make an almost identical dress in only 2 days! (I'll post that one up next :-)

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  1. Cute dress!
    SSB https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees

    1. Hi Sassy T, just letting you know of the name chnage to the blog x

  2. I get frustrated when projects don't go my way -- it zaps my sewjo. Your dress, however, is lovely. It is a great color and length on you. Looking forward to the black fabric make....