Sauvie the Summer Saviour

This week has been the hottest on record in the UK reaching 40 degrees (104 F) and we all just came to a standstill as Brits just aren't designed for that kind of thing. Anything above or below 'grey' is cause to raise an eyebrow.

One thing that absolutely kept me going this week was the new Sauvie pattern by Sew House Seven.

The pattern calls itself a 'strappy sundress' (although the straps are a really nice width) for when you need 'comfort and ease in the hot summer months. Done deal.

 Measurements put me at a 14/16/18 grade and I went with that. You can easily test the fit of this dress by making up the facing and pinning the straps which is really handy. No need to waste all your fabric if the facing isn't right. Fortunately it was which was a pleasant surprise. This shorter version below is a wearable toile.

The fabric for my toile version is a ladybird print viscose from Soimoi Fabrics - it doesn't feel as soft as previous viscose I've had from them and is a little bit more like a cotton mix.

The dress has lovely long bust darts going upwards on the bodice and the pockets are huge. There's a couple of pocket versions and I chose the one where it's one layer stitched to the outer of the dress. No flapping about then. 

 The instruction on this pattern are fantastic - 25 pages of illustrated guidance with a great method of construction for the bodice. 

 There is a choice to put elastic at the waist but I wasn't keen on that. The facing is long and the elastic gets popped into tunnel made between the facing and dress however when I pinned it, it was a bit more empire line on me and looked - off.  So I left it.

The shaping of the neckline is gorgeous. I do love a deep V - but one where you can still wear a bra. This definitely fits this criteria. In fact there's a beautiful little addition of a 'bra strap keeper' where you can snap your straps into the dress so they don't show. 

A detail I fail miserably to demonstrate here in the pictures as I'd forgotten to do that part! It was far too hot to retake pictures so you'll have to trust me on that. (I have a slopey shoulder hence why it always does this)

I'll be honest I didn't like my dress when I first made it. I thought it was a bit sack like and shapeless however I seem to have reached for it several times since I made it. It is a definite win for a hot day just worn loose and barely touching your skin. 

 Despite my reservations I thought I'd try the maxi length version but make a tie belt for it to give some waist shape. This one I loved. The drapier fabric gave it more flow and it's a really easy wear.

The fabric for the long version is a gifted fabric from Minerva - it is their new Exclusive Range Viscose Challis in the print 'candy confetti'. So full disclaimer again, I was given this fabric in exchange for a post on their website which you can see here if you want to.

The colours are fantastic, and although this was a gifted fabric, I did go on to buy a fair amount of the other prints as they are lovely to work with.

 It's now a pattern I think I will repeat as it shows off a good print and is great to just throw on for the day. In my latest obsession with 'what to do with fabric scraps', no doubt I may also use this to make a cami top!

Just one more thing.... The Fabric Wrangler sent me a little label present a while back, so it went in this dress. 

 I don't entirely agree but it makes the facing of my dress more fun that's for sure!

 Hopefully this mini review is useful to someone out there - until the next time :)

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