Myosotis Mash Up

I just wanted to hop on today and share a little 'mash up' make using the Deer & Doe Myosotis dress pattern.

A while back I went on an absolute 'shirt bender' trying to find the perfect loose fitting shirt for hot summer days, but when you need to cover shoulders and arms. 

It all came about from this BEAUTIFUL fabric - a light, slightly sheer, cotton batiste by Cloud 9 called Island of the Moon (I think). It was from Hey Sew Sister a while back and I stashed it because I didn't want to chop until I was certain. 

Along came the Helen's Closet Cameron, the Fayma (the little said about that the better), the Melilot, The Blouse....but in Goldilocks fashion, they just weren't right for this fabric. 

The a flash of inspiration - my Myosotis (previous versions here) pattern fits my broad back perfectly and without fuss! 

The irony of forgetting this lovely pattern is not lost on me given it's name. ('Forget-Me-Not'). In fact why haven't I made one of these dresses in a while? I need to rectify that. Anyway back to the shirt...

The Myosotis has a lovely sloped collar detail and darts in the front and back. I mashed up this pattern with the Avid Seamstress - The Blouse by taking the bodice shape down, lengthening and omitting the darts. The Mysosotis sleeves were laid against The Blouse and lengthened just below the elbow, and I used that nice cuff detail to finish it off. 

Here's the result!

I actually tried making elastic cuffs but didn't like them. Instead I just made a little interfaced rectangle and applied that to the sleeve cuff, pleating the excess into it. 

One of my favourite details is the buttons, again stash busted. I think they just look like water for the fish and herons.

Sally from Secret Life of a Seamstress and Cath of Made By Cath Craft are running a #SewMashUp challenge over on Instagram this July so the timing is perfect!

Here is the shirt in action with Clyde photobombing again. 

Let me know of your successful mashed up patterns! 

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  1. Ooh it's beautiful, it looks so light! And you don't have to slap on as much sunscreen in a sleeved summer top, which is a wonderful bonus. I haven't done much mashing myself, but I like it when other people do. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm ashamed to say I haven't worn it yet but I'm sure it will have it's day. No I'm not much of a 'masher' either :)