More McCalls M6044 - Things Got Nautical

After a what seems like (and what actually is) a very long break from sewing - I finally have a few mins to myself to get back on the blog and share a couple of makes I finished before me and the man went to Florida!

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of the McCalls M6044 shirt pattern - its a good looking shirt that's really quite straight forward to put together, and comfortable to wear so I'm told.

Haing previously made this octopus version -when Cotton + Steel brought out the same fabric in those gorgeous blue colours we knew another shirt was destined to happen. I used the sapphire fabric for a skirt and the navy on white was perfect for a summer M6044!


As a nice accompanyment to the shirt - we even found Kraken Rum - which turns out is delicious.

The biggest compliment ever was when the fella wore this out to a restaurant, and the manager came out from the back and asked where he got it - then asked me if I took orders! I have actually made the chap some cushions with the fabric I had left over - fingers crossed he likes them - shout out to The Drayard Smokehouse in Norwich for such good taste in fabric (and food!) ;)

As ths shirt was a hit - another one followed shortly after - lobsters this time! I'll spare you another post and just add it on here. This was cotton poplin bought from Fabric Godmother.

Just need to try the long sleeve version next!

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