Norfolk Makers Festival - Norwich Sewcials ReLaunch

I've been super quiet on the blog for a while but mega-busy in real life - for good reason!

Norfolk Makers Festival is currently taking place at The Forum and this year it has been incredible. Crafters of all kinds come together to host workshops, demos and show off their skills to the public, in an attempt to encourage others to pick up a hobby and try something new.

Photo from The Forum

As part of the festivities myself and The Fabric Wrangler were invited as Norwich Sewcials to host some workshops, and amazingly, they even gave us the atrium of the building at night for a little party!

We got backstage passes to the library (woop rock and roll) and were given a huge room to do zip classes and body measurement workshops. Obviously I am not qualified to teach this - that was Pippa!

Red leopard print trousers are Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers!
Anyhew - the main event was the mini re-launch of our sewing group Norwich Sewcials. Over the last few years we've poured a lot of man-hours and effort into keeping it going, so we officially registered as a business this year to let us keep going and fund hall rentals, coach hire, equipment etc. We now have a jazzy little membership scheme that gives people discounts on local fabric stores and PDF pattern printing which is something we are really proud to have been able to offer. If you fancy a nosy at our website have a look here:

So what better way to participate in a new mini-venture and Makers Festival - we cracked our the Prosecco and had a party :)

As always with these things, I totally neglected to take any proper photographs as we were flat out for the day. One of my personal highlights was trying knitting for the first time with a Knitters and Stitchers group. Those poor ladies!!!! I was absolutely terrible and one had to actually bear hug me from behind, hold my hands and actually move my arms to get it right.

Behold my first ever bit of knitting... If you're thinking the top row looks ok, that's because it wasn't done by me! I have since bought wool and needles and will be having another go...

This is the dream - as seen at the festival! I hope that in a few years I can knit a flock.

Photo by Makers Festival
So there it is - we're back there on 20th with a booth so hopefully a much more relaxed kind of day, but the same fun none the less :)

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