Cobra Corsage Clare Pants

It's all about the fabric today - this beautiful Cobra Corsage print by Lady McElroy has been a firm favourite of mine for a while. (Yep I've made things in the viscose, jersey and twill versions). How could I resist the stretch-suiting version when Minerva called out!


Full disclosure - I got the fabric for free in exchange for a blog post. (But I love the fabric and probably would have bought it anyway!)

If you want to read the full post click here to go to Minera.

The stretch in this fabric is ideal for trousers and the thickness very forgiving. I used my regular Style Arc Clare Pant pattern but lockdown weight has made them a little snug! Isn't everything.

I think they will be Spring/Summer trousers with sandals mainly because I have no idea what footwear to put on with these 7/8 trousers! They seem a bit for an awkward length this time for some reason. Previous versions are here. 

A great pattern to show off the print I think and one of my favourite parts is that the waist-tie hides all the elastic gathers at the back for a smooth looking finish.


To match the theme I had to pair these with some amazing bug jewellery I picked up from Kirstin Stride (one of my FAVE indie designers). The pic doesn't do them justice as they are metallic with domed resin for the shells.

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The Magic of Marlo

Quite a new pattern today! The Marlo Sweater by True Bias has been released a little while but there are still new versions cropping up everywhere for inspiration.

Helen's Closet Blackwood is usually my go-to cardigan pattern however it was nice to try out a new one, especially with these great dropped sleeves and relaxed fit style. 

I had been hoarding some super soft textured 'dinky knit' from Textile Express and this seemed an ideal choice for a cosy cardy. My main concern was that it didn't completely destroy my overlocker as has previously happened - see here! I am please to report it went through absolutely fine. 

The size I went for was 16-18. Although on the higher end of the original pattern I needed to use the 0-18 version as the cup size increases to a D in the 14-30 version and it would not have fit as well. 

For me the fit is great, it's loose but not ridiculous and great for layering. 

The instructions are well illustrated and it gives a couple of options, one beginner, one advanced, for attaching the neckband which is a nice touch. Admittedly I largely ignored the instructions and just ploughed on ahead with construction, attaching the neckband and main body together with the overlocker in one piece (3 layers).

The most difficult thing on this pattern was adding buttonholes to the knit jersey fabric. My machine is usually pretty whizzy at button holes, and does have a jersey setting, but wow, that took some effort. There was definitely a lot of fabric wrestling happening to make the feed dogs pull it under properly and keep moving. 

I have since learnt that 'stitch and tear' can be used underneath to help make buttonholes - placed between the fabric and machine, and then ripped out like paper afterwards. I will definitely be trying that next time!

 The pattern also calls for some pretty sizeable buttons which are not too hard to come by however I amde a custom order and  Turtlebird UK made me the perfect set! These are custom 30mm, lightweight and really pretty - would highly recommend. I went for the darker version to match my fabric.


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Jackson Tee Treats

What a treat this pattern is.


The Jackson Tee and Pullover from Helen's Closet is a real basic but the fit is fantastic. Having made most t-shirts under the sun, I was keen to try out another variant to see how it compared. 

I have already made the pullover version here but the tee version gives a very different look altogether.

The Jackson tee is a 'classic unisex fit with a slightly dropped shoulder and crew neck'. 

Love a dropped shoulder, and the looser fit is also a preference of mine. 

The size is a 16/18 and fit great! It's loose enough to skim the body well and give that roomy effect, but not so voluminous that you can't tuck it into skirts and trousers.

The longer length of the tee option (and you can also used the cropped variant) is also the perfect leggings cover-up and therefore meets my criteria on that point!

I went for a classic stripe and a not so classic stripe - fabrics from Flamingo Fabrics and Jelly Fabrics for jersey. 

The pattern is easy to cut, sew and really takes minimal time to put together as the pieces fit just right. I'm pleased to report these t-shirts have been worn multiple times, a sign of a good sew!

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Minerva and The Cat’s Pyjamas

Coming in today with a Minerva project - full disclosure, I did receive this fabric for free in exchange for making and sharing. But look at these cats, can you blame me ;)

The pattern I used for this project was the McCalls 'Easy M6659' - I think this is actually now out of print - my bad - I found it in the stash and was trying to be good at using what I had.That being said the Carolyn Pyjamas are incredibly similar (and also a lot better in my opinion) and the shirt is very similar to Helen's Closet Gilbert Top. 

If you want to read my full write up you can find that here on the Minerva site. I like how you can see what people have made from the fabric, it's handy for seeing how it looks in real lighting and on real bodies.

In summary these PJs are a size 20 (35 waist and 47 hips) and fit just fine. I was expecting them to be huge knowing how previous Big 4 patterns have some crazy super-ease built in, but no!

There is a back dart in the shirt but I omitted that - I don't want to wear a fitted suit to bed. 

I tried a bit of piping to make the colours pop and love the effect of this!

The Pjs came together quite well but I wouldn't call them 'easy' as the pattern implies! The collar and facing situation was a little challenging and not everything lined up perfectly inside. 

That being said - I'm happy with my make and some fresh spring feel PJ's are just the think for the changing weather and to get out of joggers and jumpers!

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