Sewing Round-Up - 2023 Hits and Misses

 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Let's hope 2024 is a kind one for all 💕

I'm just popping back on the blog again with a little round-up of sewing from 2023 where I thought I'd pick my top 3 and worst 3 makes of the year. If it's not your thing no worries - I'm going to attempt a return to sewing when I can. 

Also if you can't be bothered to read the rest of the post I'll save you from scrolling.



I can't think of a 3rd so I'm going to give a special mention to a GREAT basic pattern which I made a few of this year:

There was a challenge over on Instagram for #mymakesforthemonth which I joined in with. This was a great way of collating some projects into easy view posts. 

January started off very much in the blue. 

Most worn: The Baa-ble Hat 

Least Worn: Greenstyle Valerie Tunic - mostly because I forgot I made it

Fail: A Tilly and the Buttons dress in the bottom right. Looked awful and got the chop into my most worn item for February.

February brought some different colours but only just.Whilst I was proud of the pink coat I haven't worn that either. Fear of standing out? No idea. I still have it so perhaps once I'm feeling up to it a return to neon may be made! The Alex Coat was also an absolute labour of love and an 'overall' winner.

Most worn: Friday Pattern Co Westcliff Dress 

Least Worn: Pink Butterick Coat

Fail: Some Style Arc trousers that looked fit for a clown

March was another mishmash of items including gifts for my sister and husband. 

Most worn: Kalle Shirt with hacked collar - by far my most loved shirt

Least worn: Yellow sun dress - never worn. It was a panic make for holiday.

April saw me do the usual pre-holiday sewing frenzy including a little foray into swimwear. 

There is an epic fail not pictured which was a lilac sequin dress for a gala dinner but WOW that did not suit me.I looked like tinkerbell on crack. It has been re-homed. 

Most worn: The black Ocean Daze shirt (bottom middle) which was amazing for layering on holiday and also saved me post-surgery when I was recovering in the heat. 

Least worn: One shoulder tank - mostly because it wasn't warm enough at the time

Fail: Hands down the saguaro set. What was I thinking.

May makes me a little sad as it's the last time I felt good about life and things were going well. However not to dwell on that the sewing was a fun one. The Nicks shirt was a gift for my mother in law, a fun dino repair for my husband's jeans and an Indigo dress was my sister's birthday present. 

Most worn: The Ruby Skirt - I absolutely loved wearing that outfit

No misses in May :)

June was quite fun in terms of makes but potentially the least worn items of all.The cardigan was too small but got rehomed. The succulent garden dress felt a bit 'off' and the sports bra was a toile. The pretty bra - well it was interesting to make but oh the irony. The bottom right is a Kalle space dress which was fun - but quite stiff and not my usual substrate of choice. 

Most worn: None!!

July was a sporty one as I was training for a fitness event, having even made the mascot (I am happy to report he supported the team even without me on it).

Most worn: Kalle 'dip in the lake' shirt - my absolute favourite wear this year.

Least worn: Style Arc Nova - although I actually love the dress I didn't really have anywhere to wear it after finishing it off

August brought some cheery colours and my first attempt at the Zadie Jumpsuit. 

Most worn: Gym wear

Least worn and fail:  Tessuti shorts (bottom right) - fit was off.

September was surgery month so I managed to make myself some nice PJs and joggers for recovery.

Lore Piar had me pattern test the Lenne Top and that's all that happened. 

Most worn: Carolyn PJs

Least worn: Everything else

Made a few bits in October. Another panic dress (bottom left) as nothing fit right after surery and I needed a quick win. 

Most worn: All-In-Easy-Fit Shirt with snakes (bottom middle)

Least worn: The panic dress (Tilly Buttons Indigo)

By November I was trying to get outdoors walking as much as possible so made a load of outdoor-activewear!

Most worn: Jalie 2795 (bottom middle) - damn that thing is warm

Least worn and FAIL: In  desperate attempt I made a frilly Dolly Top by the Dressmakers Closet. I should have known better.  

Special mention: Closet Core Kelly Anorak - so happy I got that finished.

There was no sewing in December just lots of sofa knitting. 

Once more another year of makes which I haven't really worn however I did found a little niche in making activewear and outdoor wear and thoroughly enjoyed that. 

My body shape has changed so much over the last few months I have no idea what sewing in 2024 looks like. I would definitely like to try and make trousers that fit and move away from leggings (although I fear you may have to prise them off me).

You can also probably put money on another Kalle Shirt! 

Do tell me what patterns you have really loved making and any recommendations.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. x

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