Posing in Palm Print - McCalls M6744

I gave the M6744 pattern another go - maxi style this time! Clearly the pics weren't taken this weekend otherwise I'd have had to wear wellies..

Still loving the side split I went for version D - (Version C is here, be quick there's a fabric shopping voucher there too!) The fabric is once again from MyFabrics.co.uk (I know I keep banging on about them but its pure coincidence this time that's where I found it - my own purchase!) It a nice soft cotton interlock - think the print is feathers that look like palm leaves?! Was a remnant so got the last bit, just enough for a maxi dress.

According to the chart I was a size M - I cut M but nearly drowned in the fabric. I took it in at the arms and sides a bit to more of an S size. After the pics I also put a pleat in the back neck and also took the sides in a bit more (a second time!) so it sits a bit better on the shoulders.

Tried to recreate the packet pose......fail.

Due to the waist high split I also decided to secure the front down a bit to mid thigh to avoid any inadvertent flashing. Same with the top half - secured the wrap together with stitching so it doesn't gape. Like to be firmly fastened in!

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MyFabrics meets Crafty Clyde collaboration! (...with a cheeky special offer!)

Snappiest title ever.

Today's post is very exciting indeed! As you can see in my right hand side bar of 'Supplies' I recently gained a sponsor - MyFabrics.co.uk. They very kindly invited me to take part in a collaboration and I was provided with this fab slinky jersey fabric called Jersey Marla to be let loose on. It reminded me a bit of a Mexican print meets the 1970s!

As it is lovely and flowing I thought it would make a great maxi dress and opted to try out a new pattern (new to me anyway) - M6744 by McCalls. I mean who wouldn't want to pose about like that right? Perfect in cloudy rainy Britain.

I was a tad short of fabric for the maxi length but gave the shorter version a go with a headband to match - going with that 70s vibe... First things first, I traced off and cut the pattern as a Size M - it was massive so I went to a Small - I mean you could have camped under it. And apparently I didn't believe pins were a valid option last weekend - why pin when a bit of red wine does the trick just as well?!

It was really quick to whip up and the instructions were very clear. There's only 6 pieces to it and the most time consuming bit is threading elastic in the casing :) I think the dress looks like the packet picture - just without the exceedingly long legs. The only thing I didn't do was hem and finish the edges of the skirt. The fabric curled back nicely on itself and as it doesn't fray didn't need a hem (woop).
The skirt does split right up to the waist so not ideal for any breezy weather - I'm going to use this on holiday as a beach cover-up over swimwear!

Sneaky shot from last week on Instagram!
Of course I can't spend more than 2 minutes taking a picture before a certain reptile gets curious and tries to chase me off.....

So if you are thinking of doing a little fabric shopping here is a little treat for you all courtesy of MyFabrics.co.uk!

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Panelled Carols and Caustic Threads

Just a quick note before todays post - Crafty Clyde got Instagram! Check out CraftyClyde - another way to come and say hello!

Also - watch out soon for an exciting collaboration post with myfabrics.co.uk and great reader offer! Ooooooooo....

So back to today's creation. These are another version of the Burdastyle Carol Leggings #BS-039 available for download on the Burdastyle website.Tried to jazz them up a bit with random panels. Trace the pattern and divide it up how you feel! Check out the tee - more on that later.

The pictures don't really show very well but they are blank ponte jersey with black leather look ponte (fabric from Tia Knight) panels. They have wrinkled a bit on the lower leg but ah well...I thinks its because the faux leather has slightly less stretch than the ponte.

The trickiest part of making these was keeping track of which pieces went where. There were about 28 pieces in total, and the waistband on top of that. I kept the pieces all laid out on the floor and sewed it from the ankles upwards. The shape went a bit walkabout as it went on, I lost a cm or so here and there. Fortunately I'd made an extra large seam allowance allowing room for error. Despite using the original Carol pattern they ended up looking more trouser-like this time. I had to pin down from the knee to take the legs in for a tighter feel - and take a few cm from the crotch as they were wrinkling massively - I assume this was all choice of fabric related (?).

Clyde photobomb

Clyde roamed on in during taking the pics - ready for his close up.

Now let me just talk about this amazing t-shirt - I ordered it from a very talented lady on Etsy and her shop Caustic Threads - this one is a 'Dolman Blouse' style shirt so fits a little looser with a more rounded hem. Its soooooo comfortable! Erica of Caustic Threads hand dyes the shirts and hand prints all her illustrations - all the way from sunny New Mexico!

Caustic Threads

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Crazy for Carol - leggings!

So clearly all this trouser making has gone to my head because I thought I'd have a crack at leggings next. Once again I attempted several failed pairs trying to draft my own from a book then I suddenly remembered making a velvet pair several years ago! Sure enough I found I had the  Burdastyle Carol Leggings #BS-039 pattern! I'd even made myself a note to say that the 'Large' were not nearly large enough and to add another inch around the pattern. So I followed the notes from my past-self to my future-self....and it worked! (Got to love it when you do your future-self a favour...)

Although a bit late to the party I couldn't resist getting on board with these great sewing related Merchant & Mills Pure Tailor's Beeswax t-shirts - from Uniqlo. It is one seriously soft and comfy tee! 

The leggings were made from some faux-denim look jersey - very soft and stretchy - from Minerva Crafts. The waistband and the ankle cuff things are the same fabric but used the 'wrong' way round. I thought it made for a nice contrast colour.

It's a win for the Carol Pattern :-)

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The Southport Dress - Flamingoes!

As a break to the seemingly never ending stream of trouser making posts - here's a little summery number I made using the new True Bias Southport Dress!

I cannot get over how enjoyable this was to make - this is the second pattern I have tried from Kelli at True Bias and I remember the first one being a bundle of fun (even if I did screw it up royally). There's just something lovely about the pattern and process - the pieces are well laid out and simple, the instructions are very clear and incorporate a variety of techniques. Taking them one at a time like that makes it all less daunting. There was also a great sew-along this week which is good for reference.

It's a simple little dress but includes features such as inseam pockets, bar tacks, buttonholes, casing, bias tape seam finishing and drawstring making!

I used a size 10 graded to 12 from the waist down - I think 10 overall would have been fine though as it's very roomy. I chose a very soft cotton with flamingo print I bought on eBay last year - it was listed as viscose but seems quite good quality. 

The pattern is drafted for a C cup, it's quite baggy on me at the top so on my next version, and yes there will be a next, I'll alter the neckline a bit.However this dress is going to my sister for her holidays so I'm sure it will fit her just fine!  I have even bought more flamingo fabric, navy blue this time to make my own version. It is so comfortable, soft and floaty - perfect for hot summer days. Here I am in the garden pretending it's warm....it was not. It's the UK so its still feels about minus 10 in Spring.

It is difficult to see the details because of the print so here we go:

Check out the pretty insides! Bit wobbly but not to worry - it doesn't show too well in the photo but I found some amazing bright cerise binding to finish the arm and necklines.

To anyone looking for a good summer dress pattern I would highly recommend this one - fun to make, you could go mental with colours and variations, and there is a maxi dress version with a slit too :-)

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