Toaster Time

It's that time of year when only a Toaster will do....

This is another repeat of a pattern for me, having made several versions already. The fabric was the deciding point on this one.

I just love the colours of this jersey fabric - black, bright blue and pink! It's from Textile Express and called 'Retro Ski'.  It's a great weight fabric, not very stretchy but just enough for a loose top.

Necklace from Ecclectic Eccentricity

The great thing about the Simplicity 8529 version of this Sew House Seven design is that there are multiple lengths and neckline options. This is View C.

As per the previous incarnations of this pattern I also lengthened the step hems very slightly so it was leggings appropriate. Also a good move as I can also wear a t-shirt under it for extra toasty cosy factor.

This pattern is really similar to the Elliot Sweater, especially if you chose to make the high neck option - but I think I have to go with this one as a preference. For me the fit and drape of the pattern is just a bit more elegant.

Nothing ground breaking today but the fabric alone made me want to share this :) It's a definite win as I've already worn it for most of this week!

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Addicted to Needles - Knit Happens

Hello there :)

Welcome to 2020 - clearly I'm a little late to that party however I feel like I've only just woken up this year! I hadn't posted on here for a few weeks so thought I'd just do a few lines...

I've yet to actually sew anything this year and the ol' Sew-Jo seems to have gone a bit walkabout again. I've got a few weight issues going on right now so I'm a little reluctant to make any clothing - however that hasn't stopped me planning some projects for the coming months and finding that fabric. (Hellooooo January fabric sales).

What I have been doing though is forming an addiction. Whilst said addiction does involve needles - it's less sinister, but no less more-ish than crack. (A little Super Hans reference there for those in the know...)

Gah. I can't stop. I've gone from not being able to tie a knot to picking up those needles every evening. Whilst sewing is my first craft love, I've really enjoyed doing something that you can transport anywhere and do in front of the TV without much fuss. (January hibernation time).

Don't get me wrong - it's all pretty much straight lines right now as a total beginner but even that I have found really soothing.

It started with a chunky blanket - which I haven't completely finished yet as it's awaiting some extra design. Spurred on by having something squashy and amazing I thought I'd carry on.

My lovely husband then bought be some beautiful bamboo needles and a Wool and the Gang kit to make a rainbow blanket - which I immediately started on Christmas day!

The blanket is appearing at a rate of knots (haha a little knitting and maritime humour combined) and so to make this project last a little longer it's been put to one side for a little while. 

In an ambitious move I then decided I'd like to try and knit a jumper (as you do). I searched everywhere for a really simple (and free) pattern and started that with some gusto. Then stopped.

Becoming totally unstuck in reading the instructions, which are mostly in German, there is a neckline situation happening that I just do not understand for now. 

Like it had been listening (because it had) my phone threw up the end of season sale and the Coco Sailor Sweater was included. I have therefore decided to try this simple summer sweater in an attempt to learn more before returning to the more complex one. The Wool and the Gang kit has some amazing instructions which are also linked to their  video tutorials so it is ideal.

There we have it - wool all over the place!

Pic: Animal Rescue Craft Guild

Next up on the sewing list however are some Wildlife Pouches to send to Australia via the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild.  If anyone is looking for a UK hub - The Natural Fibre Company are collecting items to send in a shipment. 

With all that's going on in the world and feeling rather helpless about it all, there came something that could be done in this case when crafters unite.

Sewing really IS our super power!!

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